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Telephone pre-qualification

After sorting through the applications, this is the first step in the process! It's an opportunity to get to know each other and assess our compatibility, but also to clarify the position and discuss mutual expectations. If we match, we move on to a physical interview.

Reference control

We first ask the candidate's permission to contact former employers. This step enables us to check that the information presented by candidates on their CVs is confirmed, and also to obtain information on their past performance.

Job interview

This stage enables us to assess the candidate's experience and skills, and to verify their suitability for the position. During this delicate exercise, we try to put the candidate at ease, so that they can feel confident in expressing who they are. All unfiltered. This allows us to focus on authenticity and build on sound foundations.


Depending on the positions to be filled, tests will be offered. Here, we're basing our approach on a real-life simulation of what the future employee will have to do.
This gives those who may be orally uncomfortable a chance to express their full potential.


On the basis of the interviews, assessments and references taken, an informed decision will be made as to which candidate should be selected for the position.

You’re in ! Congratulations! Here are the next steps:


10 days before hiring

You’ll receive a welcome e-mail with all the instructions you need to make the most of your first week.



You’ll receive a welcome from the HR team, with the signing of your contract, a presentation of the company and the appointment of a sponsor.


The first week

You will take part in an integration program. Every day, you’ll meet one or two of our service managers. There are 10 in all.


During the first 6 months

You will also have three follow-up interviews with the HR Manager and your Manager to report on your progress and your integration into the company.

Become a Pyrescomian!


Joining PYRESCOM means becoming part of a caring company, attentive to its environmental impact and the development of its region.

We organize a variety of in-house events, to encourage cohesion, develop creativity, carry out ecological actions, share convivial moments, celebrate collective victories, take up sporting challenges… and we look forward to seeing you there!

PYRESCOM applies its values on a daily basis: humanity, team spirit, innovation, benevolence and humor.

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We can be reached by telephone on +33 4 68 68 39 68 or by email at

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Why choose PYRESCOM?

In addition to producing innovative solutions, PYRESCOM offers benefits such as :

  • Profit-sharing (based on sales and company results)
  • Mutual insurance at 100% cover
  • Luncheon vouchers (special value of €8, 60% of which is paid by the company)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working from home 2 days a week (depending on position)


How many days of paid leave am I entitled to each year?

Each year, PYRESCOM employees are entitled to 25 days' vacation, i.e. 5 weeks. With seniority, it is possible to acquire up to 4 additional days.


What about leave for personal or family reasons?

This is provided for in our Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Metallurgy Industry.
When you arrive, you'll have access to the main texts defining the types of leave available.


What is the average length of the recruitment process?

Depending on the position to be filled, the recruitment process can take from 15 days to a month. We'll keep you informed throughout the process!


How can I apply?

Go to the top of the page for job vacancies.

For unsolicited applications, send an e-mail directly to


How do I report a problem or dispute at PYRESCOM?

Kindness is one of our values. In the event of a conflict or problem, our department managers, HR team and CSE are always ready to listen!


What is the salary payment schedule?

We get paid around the 28th each month.


Does PYRESCOM offer mentoring or coaching programs?

We regularly offer workshops on various themes, as well as in-house training courses.


What training opportunities does PYRESCOM offer?

Every year, we update our Skills Development Plan.
As a general rule, requests for training are made during professional interviews (every 2 years).
Training requests are also submitted to the department manager, who validates them if they correspond to our strategy.