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You want to monitor your defibrillators and your Indoor Air Quality?
At PYRESCOM, we use our experience and know-how to offer solutions that are recognised and benchmarked in their markets.

Innovation for Smart Healthcare.

Connected objects are part of our daily lives in all sectors. Healthcare is no exception. More and more medical devices are being connected to access and share information faster.

Smart Healthcare is becoming an essential response to a wide range of public health issues. We are all agents of change at our own level.

Smart Healthcare, a challenge for everyone everywhere.


Smart Healthcare is not just for hospitals. In transport, at school, at the office… we face a multitude of risks every day. Many preventive solutions exist to protect your health on a daily basis.

Since 2006, PYRESCOM has been committed to protecting defibrillators accessible to the general public. Our teams also developed the first CO2 sensors in France, which can now be found in many schools and public buildings.

Our PYRES Health solutions

Why adopt our solutions

With 40 years of experience, PYRESCOM’s experts design solutions that are easy to implement and use. We work every day on our solutions to meet all your needs.