Armoury supervision

Casar simplifies the management and storage of weapons and equipment for police forces.

To ensure the safety of the population and police officers, the regulations require traceability of weapons and ammunition and traceability of collection and return of weapons. When police officers are armed, the legislation strictly regulates the possession of the weapon and requires that the weapon be stored in a standardised and secure safe.

The Casar solution enables centralised and optimised supervision of the armoury with functionalities adapted to armourers, officers and the supervisory team. Its interface facilitates the traceability of lethal and non-lethal weapons, equipment entry and exit operations, anomalies, maintenance work and inventories.



Computerised equipment management


Monitor equipment collection and return operations, anomalies, maintenance work and inventories, all in real time.


Computerised register of collection and return, maintenance and inventory operations.


Adapt access management to your armoury's operating mode and manage access rights to equipment in real time and remotely via the software.

Facilitate maintenance

Control and monitor the management of incidents and maintenance work for your equipment.

Solution Casar

Municipal Police


Equip and protect your police officers, facilitate equipment management and optimise your maintenance work and inventories.

Solution Casar

National Police


Secure and computerise the opening of lethal weapons lockers with the officer card, manage allocated equipment and make the armourer’s daily life easier.


Security guard


Control the management of lethal weapon safes and supervise the movement of equipment remotely. Responding to short- or long-term contracts with your customers.

The CASAR supervision platform

Smart armoury supervision

The CASAR solution includes an optimised and simplified interface enabling:

  • Monitoring of the electronic register of collection and return, which is both safeguarded and not-modifiable.
  • Secure software environment and access
  • Can be configured according to the operating mode
  • Programming of alerts and notifications
  • Management of access rights to lockers
  • Retrieval of statistical data
  • Event history (traceability)
  • Alerts management
  • Condition of the safes (use, maintenance, etc.)