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Do you want to adapt your management to changes in the world of work?
PYRESCOM solutions facilitate time management and promote well-being at work.


The new challenges facing businesses.

Companies are putting the well-being of their employees at the centre of their concerns. 40% of young people consider well-being at work to be an essential selection criterion, ahead of free time or pay, according to BVA Opinion. Rest rooms, reorganized working hours and (tele)workstations… the initiatives are numerous.

With the evolution of working methods (open space, telecommuting, flex office, etc.), managers face new challenges:

  • NHow do you prioritize employee well-being?
  • NHow can we ensure a good working environment for everyone?
  • NHow can you adapt your management to new ways of working?

Well-being and work


Open space, telecommuting, flex office: new technologies are restructuring the way we work. While each company has its own specific challenges, some issues are global.

In response, our teams are developing solutions to support these changes.

  • NMeasure the quality of the working environment
  • NAdapt your management practices to new ways of working
  • NOptimize time management

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