Indoor air quality measurement

Sensor referenced in the official guides of the French Ministry for Ecological and Solidarity Transition and the ADEME.

Numerous studies in recent years have shown that we spend on average more than 80% of our day in enclosed spaces exposed to many pollutants, and that indoor air is often of lower quality than outdoor air.

The Class'air sensor, designed under a CSTB (French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) licence, measures indoor air quality and raises awareness of room ventilation according to the CO2 level.

The Class'air solution is used for measurement campaigns in a self-diagnostic process for local authorities or in a regulatory process for accredited bodies. The sensor is also an educational tool for raising awareness about lockdown, with a screen and indicator LEDs for simple and intuitive visualisation.


Indoor air
quality measurement sensor

Simple and intuitive

The screen and indicator LEDs on the sensor allow easy viewing and raise awareness of the lockdown.


The Class'air sensor is referenced in the "Qualité de l’air dans les lieux accueillant des enfants" (Air quality in places welcoming children) guide from the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and the "Ecolair" guide from ADEME

High precision

The sensor is equipped with an NDIR technology CO2 probe and digital probes.

Data monitoring

Class'air measures and reports in an autonomous way and in real time information on the level of CO2, the temperature, the humidity and the pressure.

Capteur Class’air



The sensor is also an educational tool for raising awareness about lockdown, with a screen and indicator LEDs for simple and intuitive visualisation.


Recommended for establishments open to the public.

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The sensor includes recording of the measurements. The associated software enables the recovery and use of data from measurement campaigns.


Recommended for schools, colleges, high schools and accredited laboratories

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IoT Connected


The connected sensor feeds the measurements autonomously and in real time to the web platform for remote supervision.


Recommended for colleges and high schools and companies.

With the Class'air software or web platform

Monitor your IAQ campaigns

Via the datalogger or connected sensor, view recorded data and manage your measurement campaigns in real time. On the software or the platform, configure your sensors (levels, sound alert, measurement reporting) and your alerts remotely and export your data.


Download the documentation

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For nursery and primary schools

Class’air is referred to in the QAI practical guide of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and is in compliance with the decree n°2012-14 on the measurement of indoor air pollutants in establishments receiving public.


For colleges and high schools

Class’air autonomously reports indoor air quality information offering a real-time view of all your equipped classrooms.


For accredited bodies

The integrated high-precision CO2 probe, with NDIR technology, and the calibration certificate make it a reliable and efficient product, adapted to the precision needs of laboratories.