The reference badge reader

Managing time and attendance is a problem for many companies. Today, time recorders are still the preferred option for French companies to record their employees’ working hours.

Termod’s strengths


Recognized quality

Our Termod range of badging machines has been around for over 30 years and has evolved over the years to meet the needs of companies. Some of our customers are still using the first version of our badge machines!

A 100% French company

Our customer service department, like all our departments from design to production, is located in France, more precisely in the Pyrénées-Orientales region.

A market benchmark

Termod badge readers are offered by the majority of HRIS, payroll and ATM software publishers on the market, and integrated into software package or outsourced (Cloud/SAAS) environments.

A sustainable range

PYRESCOM is constantly striving to reduce its environmental impact, from design to recycling. We are committed to repairing our badges to guarantee long-term reliability.

Confirmed safety

The connection and data transmitted by our badge readers use a proven, mastered technical chain that enables us to guarantee data availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Suitable for all badges

All secure RFID badge reader technologies are integrated into our badge readers, enabling you to pool your investments: badges, encoding, choice of reader…

Why use
Termod system?

Termod’s physical badge readers record entries, exits and breaks, as well as departures on assignment or training… They also record the time spent on each activity.

Employees can consult their time counters, schedules and vacation requests directly on the time clock.


Our Termod range


Termod Standard records employees’ working and attendance times. It also enables them to consult their personal data and enter requests (missions, leave, events, etc.).


Termod Tactile combines the functionalities of the Standard version with the advantages of a touch screen, making it easier to enter information on the terminal (vacation requests, data consultation, etc.).

e-Axes software

e-Axe’s provides secure access to buildings, rooms, parking lots and turnstiles. People can be identified by badges, and the interface tools supplied enable access rules and authorizations to be set.

e-Axes takes into account all aspects of access control: centralized management (multisite, supervision…), authorizations (user profiles, access rules…), access points (remote opening, badge compatibility…) and history (alerts and notifications, traceability…).

When will we see biometric time clocks?

Biometric data is personal data that makes it possible to identify a person: fingerprints, DNA… Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in 2018, biometric badges have been banned in France.

Although our Termod badge readers can read biometric data (notably via facial recognition), these options are not available in France.

Technical data


  • ARM processor
  • 256 MB system memory (flash) and 64 MB working memory (DRAM)
  • Memory for saved files 50 MB


  • Operating system: embedded Linux
  • Network security: PROXY / VLAN / VPN / FIREWALL /DMZ
  • Pyrescom (or client) TLS 1.2 certificate


  • Date/time, saved
  • Time offset according to time zone setting
  • Automatic time setting (from NTP server or network service)


  • Integrated power supply 100-240 Volts / 50-60 Hz
  • Battery life 4 hours


  • Ethernet 100/10Mbps RJ-45 connection ( 100BASE-T/10BASE-T
  • POE option (IEEE 802.3af)
  • WIFI option (802.11b/g/n)


  • Color graphic display
  • Basic 4”3 (text: 12 x40, graphics: 480 x 272)
  • Customize images, logos, icons, etc…
  • 3 visual indicators on front panel (battery, playback, network)
  • “Buzzer
  • Touch-screen option


  • Contactless reader (RFID 13.56 Mhz MIFARE/DESFIRE, 125 Khz, HID, etc.)
  • 17-key keypad: 5 function keys + numeric keypad

Any questions? Contact our experts!

Our experts are available by telephone on +33 4 68 68 39 68 or by e-mail at

All you need to know!


Is Termod linked to HRIS software?

No. We're French badge manufacturers, but not software publishers. On the other hand, our badge readers are compatible with most HRIS software.


How many badge readers do I need?

The number of badges you need will vary according to your requirements, the size of your company and the type of layout you choose.

Contact us!


Where do I install Termod badge readers?

Some companies choose to install their badges at the entrance to the building, while others prefer to badge on the floor where employees work... Our badge machines can be adapted to your needs.


Does the badge reader need to be connected to the mains?

No ! Our Termod badge reader simply needs to be connected to the computer network. It can draw its power from the computer network.


Can I customize my badge reader?

Yes !


What type of badges should I use?

Termod badge readers are compatible with all types of badges to avoid the need for multiple badges (coffee machine, parking lot, building, floor...).