Are you starting a Smart City project?
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Starting a Smart City project.


The launch of a Smart City project is about improving the lives of citizens through the networking of infrastructure. This transformation, already underway in a number of cities, is becoming more democratic and spreading to all regions.

Modernising our cities is an ambitious project, but one that is essential if we are to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

A first step towards the Smart City.


You can’t improvise Smart Cities! The deployment of connected solutions must be part of an overall strategy to optimise cities and their infrastructure.

As data professionals, our teams can help you turn your Smart City projects into reality:

  • NQuickly save money by controlling your street lighting,
  • NSecure police armories and guarantee traceability of weapons,
  • NControl the Indoor Air Quality of your public buildings,
  • NProtect and monitor defibrillators installed in your public space.

Our PYRES City solutions

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EPnrj - Un premier pas vers la Smart City

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