Aivia, world leader in hosting solutions for AEDs, with more than 400 000 cabinets installed.

Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in developed countries. In order to increase survival rates, the provision of public access automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) is a solution promoted by health authorities. AEDs are medical devices and require installation under conditions that comply with their recommendations, in particular compliance with temperature ranges.

The Aivia range of cabinets has been designed to facilitate access to the AED. The Aivia solution supplements AEDs by monitoring their operating state and their environment, plus functions adapted to your needs.

From a simple AED protective cabinet to a comprehensive terminal that can be positioned outside with functions for heating, AED status monitoring, emergency service calls and even photo surveillance, the Aivia range has a solution suited to your needs.


AED cabinet

Facilitates access to AEDs

The Aivia solution supplements AEDs by making them accessible and ensuring that they are in working order.

Simplifies maintenance

In the connected range, events or incidents are reported on monitoring software to optimise your maintenance work.

Adapted to your needs

Heating, AED status monitoring, emergency services calls, secure opening.

Management of AEDs

Access an overall view of your defibrillator fleet, geolocate your Aivias, configure the alert settings and user groups.




Above all, Aivias protect the AED while maintaining its accessibility, whether indoors or outdoors.




The surveillance range protects the AED and controls the AED standby indicator as well as all information relating to its environment.




Designed to be easy to install and deploy, the Aivia SOLO uses a patented thermoregulation system allowing the AED to be maintained within an optimal temperature range.

With the Aivianet web platform

Monitor all of your AEDs

The platform enables management of all the AEDs contained in the surveillance cabinets. The platform reports in real time on the information from the AED standby indicator and all the information relating to its environment (opening, removal of the AED, out of range temperatures, expiry of consumables, etc.).





Aivias installed


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