Dump sites

The CYJET solution is intended for all waste industry actors responsible for managing refuse disposed at dump sites.

For use by local and regional authorities, public sector managers or private industry actors, CYJET handles all facility functions, from identifying dump site users to issuing invoices and setting up monitoring dashboards..

The badge-based means of identification and automated encoding systems serve to simplify management of a sizeable population.

Multi-site and multi-product, this solution is entirely customisable by the user and moreover allows for customised installation at each site.
The statistical monitoring tools and dashboards available yield all the information required to analyse flows over the entire target population zone..

Borne Totcy


Management of waste disposal

Access Management

Identification by badge makes it possible to control flows and access.

Interactive terminals

Identification of users, access management, connection toggle bridge, barrier control.

Monitoring of waste disposal

Cyjet ensures the identification of the contributors, the issuance of invoices and the follow-up of abductions.

Monitoring and monitoring data

The monitoring tools provide all the information necessary for the analysis of the flows over the entire population area concerned.

Avec Cyjet

Flow and Intake Analysis

  • Automated and secure information acquisition system.
  • Interactive stations and tactile administration terminals.
  • Access management and tracking of removals.
  • Dashboards and tracking of use patterns
  • Monthly use patterns detailed by site.
  • Cumulative totals of waste brought by flow / product / type of user / site.
  • Monthly / weekly recaps by flow / site
  • Financial monitoring of client accounts (deposits and balances).