Remote management of public lighting

Connected clock for street lighting.

Public lighting is a considerable expense item for local authorities and communities, it represents more than 45% of an authority's electricity consumption and 37% of its electricity bill. It is therefore essential to be able to manage and optimise lighting with the deployment of innovative and adapted solutions.

The EPNRJ connected clock provides a basic ephemeris management function and includes simple and intuitive remote control from the web platform plus remote monitoring of your consumption. For monitoring and controlling the energy bill of your lighting in real time.


Epnrj public lighting
astronomical clock

Control remotely

Plan the switching on or off of outputs (main / secondary / holiday network) from your cabinets via the web platform.

Manage your lighting fleet

From the web platform, remotely manage your lighting fleet at the cabinet or on a group of programmed cabinets.

Optimise consumption

Substantially reduce the energy costs of your public lighting by programming operating or shutdown time slots.

Monitor in real time

Monitor and analyse your consumption via real-time data retrieval.

Module EP1-L

Connected clock


By integrating IoT LoRa technology, the EPNRJ connected clock allows you to remotely manage your lighting fleet and benefit from precise monitoring of your consumption.

Module EP4-GN

Communicating clock


The EPNRJ communicating clock in a wired or GSM network is used to control public lighting and to report consumption information in real time.

Module SLT1-L

Supervision of traffic lights


The connected SLT module allows real-time reporting of traffic light status information as well as various types of events.

With the EPNRJ software or web platform

Control your public lighting

The EPNRJ module interfaces with the dedicated web platform, for the supervision and control of public lighting cabinets. The web platform thus allows:

  • Display of consumption
  • Daily programming of lighting hours
  • Remote control of relays (On / Off)
  • Integration of tariff elements for budget monitoring
  • Generation of energy reports
  • Configuration of alerts
  • Traceability of events and settings
  • Data export

For public lighting managers

Control lighting remotely and monitor consumption.


For energy syndicates

Control the lighting fleet in your local authority area.


For integrators

Provide a complete offer with the EPNRJ connected clock