Energy supervision of buildings

Improve the energy performance of your buildings.

Energy supervision and optimisation of your buildings are only relevant when accompanied by actual measurements of consumption and with precise knowledge of the environment

The BATNRJ multi-fluid metering and IAQ monitoring solution allows you to supervise and optimise the energy performance of your buildings, monitor costs and consumption and analyse the level of comfort.

BATNRJ is a solution eco-designed by our design office and integrates monitoring modules for electricity, gas and water meters as well as a wide range of environmental sensors for analysis of the comfort level. Basically operating on IP or 4G networks, BATNRJ also integrates LoRa connected remote reading modules enabling all types of buildings to be equipped: service, industrial or collective housing.


Measure the energy performance of your buildings.

Control your consumption

View your expenses and multi-fluid consumption and measure PV production and ambient comfort level.

Supervise and manage your buildings in real time

Reduce your energy consumption by identifying energy-hungry items and control your spending.

Optimise your energy bill

Identify energy-hungry uses in 1 click on the web platform and access an overview of all your buildings.

An eco-responsible approach

Change occupants' habits by guiding them towards eco-responsible behaviour and move your buildings up the energy ladder.


Multi-fluid consumption

View multi-fluid energy consumption (electricity, water, gas) in real time and determine energy-intensive uses.


Indoor air quality

The BATNRJ solution makes it possible to monitor and analyse the quality of indoor air and to visualise in real time the level of CO2, the ambient temperature and the humidity.

With the BATNRJ web platform

Active management of your buildings

The BATNRJ platform offers a clear and intuitive interface for centralising the data reported by the measurement instruments. The application thus enables:

  • Viewing of measurements in real time
  • Monitoring of the cost and distribution of consumption by use
  • Identification of energy-saving days
  • Determination of energy-intensive uses
  • Analysis of the building’s comfort level
  • Automatic configuration of alerts for events and breaches of critical thresholdss

Access the platform


For technical and environment managers

Control your consumption, reduce your costs and communicate about your eco-responsible approach.

Request a costing

For design offices

Collect multi-fluid data and actively monitor consumption

Inquire for a project

For integrators

Provide a complete offer by integrating the BATNRJ solution into your energy renovation projects for buildings.

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