of experience

in the acquisition, transmission and processing of data.

Data traceability, our expertise
Electronics, our core business
Customer satisfaction, our priority

The PYRESCOM design office devises and develops innovative solutions.

Leading products and references in their markets

The protection of defibrillators with the AIVIA range, leader on the European market, and time management with the TERMOD solution which has been the benchmark in the market for 20 years.

A commitment to quality and the environment

The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our approach to quality and the environment. The development of PYRESCOM solutions includes environmental aspects throughout their life cycles.

Solutions designed and developed in France

Our design office devises electronics-based solutions and develops software and web platforms for data acquisition and processing.

A strategy focused on innovation

With 8 solutions developed by our teams to meet the needs of our customers.

Our solutions


The Aivia range of cabinets to protect and monitor automated outdoor defibrillators.

Easy to use and accessible to all, Bivid hand sanitiser dispensers, designed for premises open to the public.



BATNRJ, for the energy monitoring of buildings.

The Class'air sensor for the measurement of indoor air quality.

The EPNRJ connected clock for the control and remote management of public lighting.



Termod badge readers for time control and management.

Casar lockers for the supervision of police armouries.

The complete solution for waste management at disposal sites.