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For 35 years, Pyrescom's teams have been developing innovative solutions for data acquisition and processing.


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Where do we come from?

We come from here!

Pyrescom is a French company founded in 1984 by Robert GUICHET in the - very beautiful - department of Pyrénées Orientales. That’s where the PY in PYrescom comes from... Pyrescom has since opened other subsidiaries around the world, notably in the United States and Spain, and soon in other European countries.

Who are we?

Good people!

Because, above all, Pyrescom is the women and men, known in private as the "Pyrescomians". A community for which customer satisfaction is a top priority, and which has a shared passion for innovation; all combined in an organisation where collective intelligence is the name of the game.
We work with a network of distributors allowing us to offer our solutions worldwide and to provide the end customer with the best possible experience... The RES in PyREScom comes from RESeau (network)…

What do we do?

Whatever you need…

... as long as it involves electronics, data, and a need to handle them! In short, we develop innovative traceability solutions. We process information - ranging from timings in minutes, to air quality, to the condition of a defibrillator - and our dedicated platforms analyse them via scenarios, then communicate alerts that will simplify your business. Lastly, the COM in PyresCOM comes from COMmunication… We are certainly developing, but we control the entire chain because we also produce the equipment integrated into our solutions!

Bureau avec ordinateur, tasse et souris rouge

How do we do it?

We do it well!

All with a quality-focused approach that is of the utmost importance to us: our company has been improving its Quality Management System for 10 years and has been ISO 9001 certified ever since.
Our system is also built around a strong desire to minimise our environmental footprint. For each Pyrescomian, the future of our planet and of all the beings who inhabit it is our responsibility, to us as industrialists, but also to us as individuals, which is why we have also chosen to follow the frame of reference of the ISO 14001 standard.

Where are we going ?

We will go as far as possible!

Alone we go faster, together we go farther...